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Double Glazing Trowbridge, Melksham & Surrounding Areas 

In an age where energy costs are a big factor in our lives the need to preserve heat in our homes and commercial buildings is paramount. It is the windows that are the most vulnerable points for loss of heat in a building, so window technology is ever-advancing in the quest to become more thermally efficient.

Having many years of experience in providing window solutions for all sorts of properties across Wiltshire and into Somerset, we have imbibed a great deal of scientific knowledge about the thermal properties of windows.

Double glazing with low-emissivity (Low E) glass has become the norm, especially for domestic use. Low E glass has a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat back into the room while simultaneously allowing heat and light from the sun to pass through.

When this type of glass is used in a double-glazed unit that fits tightly into a window frame the result is a very energy efficient A-rated window.

Double-glazing means a window that consists of two panes of glass with an insulating cavity in between them. The cavity can be filled with dehydrated air, argon gas, krypton or xenon, depending on the degree of thermal conductivity that is necessary (inert gas providing the best insulation).

The two glass panes are separated with a spacer bar, allowing for the cavity, and made into an hermetically sealed double-glazed unit, with the cavity playing a key role in the energy and acoustic efficiency of the window. Depending on the type of gas filling used the width of the cavity in a double-glazed window is between four and 20 millimetres. The most common type of double glazing we install with Low E glass has a 16mm cavity when filled with air, and 14mm when filled with argon gas.

When we consult with you on the best double glazing for your particular project, we will advise you whether you need specialised double-glazed windows for extra insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, solar control, self-cleaning, or laminated glass for extra security. You may require just one of these features, or perhaps opt for a combination. We can even supply double glazing with decorative glass in a wide range of patterns, textures, colours and opacity.

It takes professionals to ensure that you choose the correct type of double glazing for your windows. We come up with the best specifications for your windows, supply and then expertly fit them so that you can rest assured you will be as comfortable as possible in your home or business premises.

Double glazing can be incorporated into any shape, style or type of window, so that you can benefit from being well-insulated whether you live in a period property or a contemporary “grand design”. In the rare instances where double-glazing is not possible (for example in some listed buildings) the compromise is to use secondary glazing. This involves installing supplementary glazing on the inside of an existing single-glazed window.

If you are replacing old windows, adding a conservatory or extension, or undertaking a new build call us today for a no-obligation quotation to ensure your property is fitted out with the best double-glazing at the most reasonable price. Our skilled team is at your service, local to you in Melksham but ready, willing and able to install your new windows anywhere in north and west Wiltshire or south Gloucestershire.


fitters_vanOur friendly and efficient service begins by us carefully taking note of your requirements and ideas. We will then undertake a survey and draw up outline plans and costings, taking into account your particular needs and budget. Next we develop these proposals with you before agreeing a final, detailed design, specification and price.

Our aim is to help you to get the appearance, style, convenience and construction quality you want . . . at the most competitive price.

It’s then for you to decide and you’ll be glad to know we won’t try to pressure you at all!

After-Sales Service

It is our aim to ensure that you are happy with our service. To that end we:

We very much hope you don’t have a problem, but if you do please give us a call and we will do our best to fix it – and promptly! As we are a local company, our service engineer is never far away!

In fact, we are so keen for you to tell people that our service was of the highest quality we give you a recommendation card to pass on to your friends. If they place an order with us worth over £500.00, the recommender will get a £20 voucher for Marks & Spencers.


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