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New Conservatory Roofs Trowbridge, Melksham & Surrounding Areas 

If you are planning to build a conservatory onto your house, or you need to replace the roof of your existing conservatory, you may find it confusing to decide what type of conservatory roof will best serve the purpose.

We at Alan Joy Windows have installed all sorts of conservatory roofs over the years, and with our experience we can state that there is no “right or wrong” conservatory roof. The choice of conservatory roof material depends on a variety of factors, including the purpose of the conservatory and your available budget.

If you want a traditional type of conservatory admitting plenty of natural light – a room in which to grow some exotic plants and sit in the sunshine or gaze up at the stars – then a glass roof would be the best choice. Glass remains the most popular choice for conservatory roofs. Because of the potential for damage, we would recommend using toughened glass, and to make life easier you could consider self-cleaning glass. To avoid the heat of high summer you could opt for tinted glass (or fit the interior with automated blinds). By contrast in the winter you want your conservatory to be warm, so the glass roof should preferably be double-glazed for thermal efficiency.

A more affordable alternative to glass is polycarbonate plastic conservatory roofing. This lightweight material consists of thin sheets of plastic laid on top of one another with reinforcing air pockets in between, resembling a honeycomb.

Polycarbonate is not as thermally efficient as glass. Another disadvantage is that it is not sound-proof, so you’ll definitely hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops striking it. It is, however, very strong, durable and weather resistant. Polycarbonate conservatory roofing comes in several varieties: clear, opalesce, bronze or opaque. Your choice will depend on how much light and solar transmission you want to allow through.

If you want a conservatory roof that puts a little more protection between you and the elements you could opt to have a solid roof or a tiled roof conservatory. Both these roofing systems will make your conservatory feel more like an integral part of your house, rather than an add-on. A solid or tiled roof on the conservatory can be properly insulated and fitted with lighting so that the room can be utilised for any purpose at a comfortable temperature all year round, just like the rest of the house.

Many of our customers with an existing glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory call us in to convert this to a tiled roof. This is a relatively straightforward procedure, as long as the existing conservatory structure can bear the load of the tiled roof.

Whichever solution you decide on for your conservatory roof, you can rest assured that we use only the best quality materials for roofing your conservatory. Our conservatory installation teams are masters of their craft, who take great pride in their work and are committed to a high standard of customer service.

If you are in a quandary over how best to roof your conservatory, contact us for a chat. We don’t charge for advice and expertise!


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Our aim is to help you to get the appearance, style, convenience and construction quality you want . . . at the most competitive price.

It’s then for you to decide and you’ll be glad to know we won’t try to pressure you at all!

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