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Orangeries Trowbridge, Melksham & Surrounding Areas 

Orangeries were originally luxury “greenhouses” built in the grounds of grand mansions, symbols of wealth and status. They were first developed in Italy during the Renaissance when glass-making technology was perfected, and became popular throughout Europe as showy, protective repositories for growing orange and lime trees, as well as other exotic plants. Guests would be invited to marvel not only at the plants and features within, but also the grandiose architecture of the structure itself.

Here in England the most famous orangery is no doubt the one at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, built in 1761 and once the largest glasshouse in the country. Today it serves as a restaurant, which is probably a reflection of how modern home-owners use orangeries. Contemporary orangeries are no longer reserved for the rich, but provide a light, bright extension of the living space built on to ordinary homes and are often utilised as dining rooms.

We at Alan Joy Windows have been installing orangeries of all shapes, sizes and styles in Wiltshire and surrounds for many years, creating beautiful, versatile living spaces, kept comfortable all year round with good insulation, double glazing and heating.

One of the most common questions we are asked by clients who consult us for a home extension is whether there is a difference between a conservatory and an orangery.

The answer is “yes”. Their purpose is the same, but the difference is in the design and detail. A conservatory is constructed mainly of glass walls and roof, set in a frame (usually uPVC, wood or aluminium) atop a low wall which usually matches in with the brick colour of the house to which it is attached. An orangery, by contrast, is a far more solid structure, brick built but set with large windows, and a parapet around a full glass or lantern glass roof.

As a home extension an orangery is increasing in popularity over a conservatory, because  it feels and looks far more like an integral part of the house, allow in plenty of light through the roof, and can have any bespoke configuration of masonry work with the windows and doors. Equipped with a set of French doors or bi-fold doors an orangery can be opened up to the garden in sunny weather, bringing the outside in.

Unlike a conservatory which is all glass and therefore limited in possibilities, an orangery can be used for a variety of purposes, from a kitchen extension to a study, living room or dining room.

If you decide to add some light to your life and value to your property by adding an orangery to your home, have a chat with the Alan Joy Windows team. We’ll take care of all the plans, costings and permissions after consulting with you about your requirements and budget. You can rest assured that all aspects of the project will be carried out by experts, quickly and efficiently. You’ll be sitting pretty in your new orangery in no time!


fitters_vanOur friendly and efficient service begins by us carefully taking note of your requirements and ideas. We will then undertake a survey and draw up outline plans and costings, taking into account your particular needs and budget. Next we develop these proposals with you before agreeing a final, detailed design, specification and price.

Our aim is to help you to get the appearance, style, convenience and construction quality you want . . . at the most competitive price.

It’s then for you to decide and you’ll be glad to know we won’t try to pressure you at all!

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